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We have over 35 years’ experience and can offer a expert and comprehensive value for money service and assist in a area of wide selection with options/solutions to meet your requirements in sourcing of Packaging materials and integrating packaging machinery.

This will include areas such as sourcing new materials and packaging, cost benefit and performance analysis of packaging systems. 


  • primary / secondary packaging.
  • Sourcing of packaging Thorough knowledge of packaging materials to optimize cost/performance of packaging system

Shrink Film

We can provide a range of Shrink Film’s from single and twin feed standard and high strength mono layer Shrink films and can produce formulations to suit a variety of equipment’s in various industries

These films are generally used for safe packaging of different products.  These films are appreciated for their durable finish standards and excellent quality features.  Our clients can purchase these Shrink Films from us at industry leading rates.


Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap film for pallets is the most popular method of palletisation in the UK today.

There are two types of Stretch Film specification supplied in blown & Cast film for :


  1. Machine Stretch Film is normally supplied in reel widths of 400 or 500mmand normally sold by the tonne.


  1. Hand Wrap is available in two main widths – 400 and 500mm this product can be supplied with extended cores for ease of hand application.


Blown film is preferable for hand wrapping and cast for machine applications.  Film can be tinted
and is available in thickness of between 12-70 microns depending on the application.


Thermal Ribbons

We specialise in supplying Thermal Transfer Ribbons.  The grading of ribbons are carefully sourced from our main suppliers in obtaining the best advice and price to meet your requirements.

We are sure to have a product that is right for your barcode label printing requirements.

Based on print performance, quality, versatility, and value our range offers:


  • Wax, wax/resin, and resin grades
  • Industry most popular sizes for all printer types
  • Ribbons for paper and synthetic industrial labels
  • Ribbons for in line coding
  • Ribbons for most Desktop Printers
















Packaging Machinery


  • Plant and Equipment
  • Premises Design, Construction-Oversight and Commissioning which can include
  • Turn-key Projects involving:
  • Project management,
  • Build a seamless packaging system with equipment from multiple manufacturers.





Our consultancy service could be just the answer to these questions and anymore you might have.


We can support start-ups to major operators therefore we can deliver a combination of products /services/training to solve any problems you may have. 


No matter how large or small the project, we can respond with a tailor-made solution for each individual businesses without compromising our quality standards.


With reference to product development and machinery / process line we work with a network of suppliers that allows us to provide you with a wide range of solutions.


We can develop and implement an entire packaging project from concept to completion or alternatively we can provide consultancy on any aspect of a project.


Review manufacturing processes with a view to recommending improvements, analysis of plant capacity/throughput, procuring and implementing the installation of new equipment to increase capacity.


Getting the system right and independently verified can save you time, money and your reputation.


We will be happy to provide you with a cost-effective solution that meets your specific needs.