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Manual Handling 


Manual Handling

Manual Handling is a task every one of us faces everyday. Whether you work in an office, factory, warehouse or retail environment correct lifting is something you need to take seriously.

Virtually all companies have manual handling – the use of people to shift things. Under health and safety legislation, there is a duty to identify where this shifting could lead to a significant risk of injury and then to take common sense measures to reduce the risk.


Avoidance of the shifting is always the best option, typically followed by the use of machinery. However, for most businesses, physical handling by people will always be required for some tasks, as will manual handling training, to ensure that they do it as safely as possible.


The training of handlers can be undertaken in a range of ways. The course is suitable for a wide range of staff from those with obvious work related handling tasks through to sales and office staff who may appear to have much less manual handling involved in their work related activities.


All are vulnerable to manual handling injuries (whether at work or at home), so all will benefit from a knowledge of good technique from 2 to 4 hours, but whole day sessions can be arranged for higher risk groups.


More than a third of all over-three-day injuries reported each year to HSE and local authorities are caused by manual handling. Manual handling is the transporting or supporting of loads by hand or by bodily force.

Getting the business benefits

A good understanding of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations and the ergonomics principles that should be applied to reduce the risk of manual handling injury will help to:


  • deliver legal compliance
  • reduce sickness and absenteeism
  • lower healthcare costs, insurance premiums and compensation claims
  • improve the productivity of the workforce.


Our training centre and courses are all accredited by the Highfield and PTDQ, We specialise in providing on site training courses on the clients premises.








Packaging Machinery


  • Plant and Equipment
  • Premises Design, Construction-Oversight and Commissioning which can include
  • Turn-key Projects involving:
  • Project management,
  • Build a seamless packaging system with equipment from multiple manufacturers.





Our consultancy service could be just the answer to these questions and anymore you might have.


We can support start-ups to major operators therefore we can deliver a combination of products /services/training to solve any problems you may have. 


No matter how large or small the project, we can respond with a tailor-made solution for each individual businesses without compromising our quality standards.


With reference to product development and machinery / process line we work with a network of suppliers that allows us to provide you with a wide range of solutions.


We can develop and implement an entire packaging project from concept to completion or alternatively we can provide consultancy on any aspect of a project.


Review manufacturing processes with a view to recommending improvements, analysis of plant capacity/throughput, procuring and implementing the installation of new equipment to increase capacity.


Getting the system right and independently verified can save you time, money and your reputation.


We will be happy to provide you with a cost-effective solution that meets your specific needs.